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Snow Affairs

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The mention of the storm makes you nervous, even though you wouldn’t mind exploring the deserted mountain with Logan’s expert guidance. “Maybe we can do the back side tomorrow, instead,” you tell him. “It’s getting kind of rough out there.”

“Then what do you want to do now?” he asks, his voice low and gruff. He’s staring at you with those depthless eyes, and your breath hitches at the sensual undertone.

“Ummm…” you sidle closer, drawn in by his hypnotic gaze. “I can show you Bryce’s cabin,” you murmur.

Logan pauses for just a moment, a muscle clenching in his chiseled jaw. With an almost feral growl, he grabs your hand and spins towards the door, leading you out. His caveman reaction is a turn-on, and your pulse quickens at the thought of you and Logan and an empty house. You find yourself being pulled through the crowd, aware of the envious stares of several other women in the lodge.

The snow swirls around you as gusts of wind whip the hair around your face, but Logan doesn’t slow down. He leads you to a large pickup truck that was once black but is now mottled grey with dirt and snow. You have to scramble to make it up the passenger side lift, then Logan starts the engine with a loud roar.

Ensconced in the cab of the truck, you shift uncomfortably as your body trembles, aware of Logan’s proximity. Your body is hot as you direct Logan the short drive back to the house. Logan doesn’t speak, only acknowledging your directions with short grunts. You stare straight ahead, looking at the snow-covered road. Every so often you take a furtive glance over, noticing the muscles bunching in Logan’s hands as he grips the steering wheel. Unconsciously, you lick your lips, and you can’t wait to get him into the empty house.

When you finally reach the cabin, Logan follows you in without a word. You remove your boots, looking away to gather your thoughts. Your entire body is tingling, and you ache for his touch.

Outside the wall of windows across from you, a thick swirl of snow drifts down across the back deck. Steam rises from the hot tub, mirroring the heat that you can only imagine is pouring from your body. Oozing sex and confidence, Logan stalks over, closing the gap between you. Your breath hitches – he’s staring, but doesn’t touch. The anticipation is killing you, but you find yourself hypnotized by his scorching gaze. You can read the passion and lust in his eyes. He is clearly a man who knows what he wants, and you are more than eager to give it to him.

Before you can fully catch your breath, Logan crushes your mouth in a bruising kiss. You fight to gain control but are helpless in his arms. What is it about this man that turns you into putty? He pushes you up against the wall, diving into your mouth and grinding his hips into yours. You can feel his hard erection against your belly, and you wrap your legs around his waist. With his hands gripping your ass, Logan carries you down the short flight of stairs to the great room. He lowers you onto the thick shag rug in front of the fireplace, gliding firm hands up and around your shoulders to remove your parka. He presses against you, his hard shaft nestled against your thigh.

When his warm palm moves inside your shirt to cup your breasts, you melt. As you arch into his touch, his calloused hand finds your nipple and pulls. You let out a desperate moan of ecstasy, and it’s as though your response spurs him into action. He rips off your shirt and then your bra, his intensity growing as he pinches with his fingers. Every ounce of you aches to be kissed by him, to feel his mouth on your skin, and you whimper when finally his head moves down to suck at your tender breasts. His lips take in your hardened nipple, and you writhe from his onslaught. Weakly, you move your hands across his broad shoulders and into the short dreads at the nape of his neck.

He sucks, then nuzzles the sensitive valley between both breasts. His tongue leaves a hot, wet trail to your navel, and his fingers follow. The warmth of his breath on your skin sends chills down your spine, and you gasp at the gentle brush of his upper lip against the overstimulated skin of your belly. The moment he slides his hand into your pants, you gasp in pleasure. Eyes closed, you give in to pure sensation – you don’t want to think, only to feel. When his hand nestles in between your thighs, you give in to your lust by spreading your legs wide, giving him full access. Your body reacts to his touch, moisture pooling in your panties. You bite your lip in an attempt not to scream as his fingers nudge your folds apart. The breath hitches in your throat when he wastes no time and buries a finger deep inside. He’s moving so fast, so aggressively.

Logan moves against you, pushing his hard length against your hip as you gasp and arch up to drive his finger deeper inside. You bring your hand down to the buttons of his pants, feeling the thick bulge beneath the fabric.

In your haze of passion, you almost don’t hear the discreet cough coming from the landing. At the same time, you and Logan freeze, and you look up to see your three friends staring down, witness to your exhibition. Logan, pulling his hand from your pants, lifts his head. “Hey,” he drawls, seemingly unfazed. Without responding, Jackson and Bryce drop their gear and walk out of the room.

“Oh my god,” you whisper, burying your face in Logan’s shoulder. “What are you guys doing back so early?”

“It’s worse than we thought out there, and I was freezing,” Leah explains. “I just didn’t realize it was going to be so hot in here.”

“Oh, sorry. Uh, you wanna give us a minute?” you ask.

“Don’t take too long,” Leah says. “We’re going in the hot tub. So unless you want to continue the free show…” she smirks, nodding at the hot tub in plain view just outside the window.

“Let’s check out that rec room you were telling me about,” Logan suggests, shifting off you.

“Um, yeah,” you murmur, trying your hardest to compose yourself. In a nervous gesture, your tongue darts out to wet your lip, and Logan leans down to lick the same spot on your mouth. You can barely form a coherent thought. “Or maybe my bedroom?”

“Wherever you want to go, baby,” Logan says, pulling you up into his arms.

Will you play naughty games in the rec room, or play out an unforgettable fantasy in your bedroom?…

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