$3,669 – An appropriately naughty number to end on!

I’m wiping away a happy tear. In slow motion. What an awesome Kickstarter journey it’s been, and I’m thrilled that in ended in success. Not just regular run-of-the-mill success, but beyond-stretch-goal-head-banging success! Huge thanks and awkward lingering hugs to all the amazing backers who supported my dream. The Paths to Passion series will officially be a reality!!

Love that the final amount raised is $3,669. You crazy pledgers! And even though we were just shy of 69 backers,

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Kickstarter: Keep P2P alive and Kickin’!

Hope you had a great Labor Day weekend! I’ve been “laboring” away (eh eh? see what I did there?) at another sunny writing retreat, this time in Hollywood. And if I happen to run into Chris Pratt out here on the streets, here’s to hoping for new material for the next book!

I’m here not only to work on Snow Affairs (Book #2), but to launch a new project as well!

The new project is… a Paths to Passion Kickstarter campaign!

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A Sweet Retreat

I’m a sucker for the sweet aroma of coffee and tea at my local cafe. It’s where I get most of my writing done. But every once in a while, I like to pack up my Tokidoki duffel bag and head out into the nature for a writing retreat.

This wasn’t an organized writing retreat (though I’d love to attend one of those one day). But just a trip I planned on my own in hopes of some extra inspiration.

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Behind the Scenes: A Product Approach for Island Affairs

The funny thing about being a web designer for the past 10+ years is that the process before releasing a product is so engrained in my brain that it just feels natural to follow the same process for releasing a book.

I have *no* idea if there is an entirely different process that author’s use. If there is, I never got the memo. So I went with what I know best. And these 3 principles completely shaped what Island Affairs is today!

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Beginning a sexy little jouney

When I came up with this idea a year ago, I never thought I’d actually write a book. I still remember walking through the Wynn in Las Vegas with my friend Katie, telling her about my idea of writing a “choose-your-own-erotica” – how I wanted to combine the format of our beloved childhood books with an adult theme. After all, the readers of these books (at the height of popularity) are now all grown up!

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