Come Explore My Castle…

Have you heard the word around the kingdom? I’m so excited to announce (medieval trumpets, please)… Castle Affairs, book 3 of the Paths to Passion series, available for your reading pleasures!

I always wanted to have a number of the Paths to Passions books be set in an alternative universe – different time periods, fantasy or fictional worlds, etc. Castle Affairs is the first one, and while it was incredibly fun to write, it was more challenging than expected. The end result, though, has more twists, more turns, and more sexy scenes that will hopefully make you blush.

You’ll find that no matter which path you choose, you’ll find yourself wrapped up in the excitement of royal affairs, back-stabbing treachery, and opulent celebrations – all while surrendering yourself to the hottest men in the kingdom, of course.

I hope you enjoy Castle Affairs! And stay tuned to find out what book 4 might be!

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